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These are instructions for installing CAREWare 6 on a new server. For instructions on upgrading a CAREWare 5 server to CAREWare 6, click here.

To install CAREWare 6:

  1. Run the CWBTSetup.exe.
  2. Run the CWHttpSetup.exe.
  3. Install a SQL Server database instance for CAREWare 6 using the CAREWare Setup here.
  4. Create the CAREWare database by running the queries here on the CAREWare instance that was created. Click here to download a clean backup file used to create the database if there isn't a current CAREWare database backup for the organization.
  5. Configure the database connection string by following the instructions here.
    Note: In this case the server name is CWHD1 and the database instance name is CAREWare6. The password is for the login cwbt in the CAREWare database. The default password is CWtemp100%.
  6. Once the database connection string is complete, save the file.
    Note: Make sure the file is saved as an XML file and replaces the original file.
  7. Verify the CAREWare Business Tier Service and CAREWare HTTP Services are running in Services. If the services are not started, start the CAREWare Business Tier Service first, and then start the HTTP Service.
  8. Install Message Queuing by following the instructions here.
  9. Open a browser and enter the URL http://localhost:8080/careware/rs/index.htm to log in.

CAREWare 6 connects on port 8000 and to the CAREWare database identified in CW Admin.

CAREWare 6 includes options for setting a unique URL and setting additional security features by using the HTTP Server Setup. Click here for instructions for the HTTP Server Setup.

Click here to download these instructions.

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