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Command line arguments


Cw_http.exe is the executable file that brokers communication between a user’s browser and and the RESTful API used by the CAREWare 6 business tier cw_bt.exe.

In most cases, cw_http.exe is installed as a Windows service when the CAREWare 6 application installer is run, but cw_http is capable of independently installing, stopping, and removing itself as a Windows service using command line arguments. It also has the ability to run in a Windows command window.

Using cw_http.exe from a command window

Open a command window with administrative privileges and navigate to the directory where cw_http.exe was installed.

Enter cw_http and you should see the following output:

usage: cw_http
where is one of these: install, remove, debug, start, stop, pause or continue.

To use a command line argument, enter cw_http, press the spacebar, type the command line argument (like install), and then press the enter key.

The rest of this document describes what each command line argument does.


Installs cw_http.exe as a windows service under the name CAREWare HTTP Service.


Removes cw_http.exe from Windows services.


Runs cw_http.exe indefinitely. Ctrl+C or closing the command window will stop it.


Stops the CAREWare HTTP Service.

pause or continue

Not used.

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