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The CAREWare Help Desk has completed some additional research regarding the deletion of specific DLL files by the Kaspersky site and found 2 FAQ answers which appear to be highly relevant to the on going issues. The first relates directly to the install issue where the Kaspersky software quarantines every temporary file in use during the installation. It appears a specific patch, D, is the culprit as it is used for the heuristic evaluation of the software. You can find more information about it herehere including a known workaround.

The second issue and the most common reported to the CAREWare Help Desk concerning Kaspersky Anti-virus is that it is detecting a malware Trojan.Win32.Generic and attempts to delete the file. While the jmultitier.dll is often targeted by the Kaspersky software this specific Kaspersky FAQ answer is intended to fix the deleted issue some users encounter. It does provide a good background of why it is occurring and possible steps to stop it from happening.

Other ant-virus software may also exhibit similar behavior as Kaspersky Anti-virus. If this occurs, then please contact that software company for information regarding how to resolve the issue. Normally adding an exception to the anti-virus exception list resolves this issue for CAREWare users.

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