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The ADR Client Report, ADR Grantee Report, and ADR Quarterly Reports are created from the ADAP Domain. The CAREWare ADAP drug services module is designed to allow grantees who manage these services to track in detail client-level AIDS Drug Assistance information. The module includes a complete medication list, searchable by generic medication name, brand name, or NDC and includes all client-level fields required for the ADAP Drug Report (ADR).

The minimum build required to produce the 2017 ADR Client Report is 960, and we recommend upgrading to the latest build available on the HRSA CAREWare website. For instructions on upgrading CAREWare click here.

CAREWare has several report options for confirming that the ADR is accurate and that it will upload to the EHB for reporting. Run Client Report opens the ADR for viewing without creating an export file. Users can also view the ADR client export files by clicking View Client File. The Validation Report can be used to ensure there are no errors in the report before uploading. These errors could lead to the report being rejected upon upload to the EHB. Custom reports can be used to validate the ADR client data and verify if clients should be included in the ADR report. Click here for a custom report to review ADR clients with and without Ryan White funded services. Here are instructions for uploading the custom report into CAREWare.

Note: In order for a client to be included in the ADR Client Report, the client must have an Enrollment History record of "receiving services," "on waiting list," or "services not requested." The client's last enrollment record remains the enrollment status until a new record is entered. For example, if a client's last enrollment history record is "Enrolled, Receiving Services" entered in June 2015, then that client will be included in the ADR Client Report for 2017.

To correct the missing data using Run Client Report:

  1. Select the report year.
  2. Click Run Client Report.
  3. Click the client’s name.
  4. Select the client record tab with that data.
  5. Click Go To Selected Client.


Once corrections are made to reduce missing data, the Validation Report can be used to eliminate potential errors when uploading the client file to the EHB.

  1. Click Validation Report.
  2. Choose the Report Year from the drop down menu.
  3. Check Use Shared Lab Data (if you have a provider you share data with).
  4. Click Show Results.

Once the report has been run, click any number in the column # Errors. This will provide the user with a list of clients generating that error.

  1. Click a client name.
  2. Click Go To Selected Client.
  3. Once the records are corrected, refresh the results by clicking Show Results.



Once these errors have been corrected, create an ADR Client Report by:

  1. Log into the ADAP Domain
  2. Click Reports
  3. Click ADR Client Report
  4. Choose the year from the Report Year drop down list
  5. Click Cross-Provider Lab Data (if data is shared with another provider)
  6. Click Create Client Upload File





This will create the ADR for uploading to the HRSA site. Here is the ADR instruction manual for the 2017 reporting year.

Additional information on the ADAP Module can be found here. Additional information about uploading the ADAP Data Report can be found here. Here are tips for the ADR from the DART team.

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